The Barnabas Camp conducts yearly evangelistic mission trips to New Orleans, L.A. during Mardi Gras.

A View From the “Outside”:  We are party poopers

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"We will be marching the streets in support of joy, avoiding those that peddle the opposite.

Among those killjoys is the brand of evangelicals we get here for Carnival. The professional Jesus thugs trucked in from Texas are plotting the de-joying of our party.

They come every year – large, muscled white men with dog-eared Bibles, every year louder and less tolerant. They wade into the heart of the party with megaphones and curse the revelers.”

Betsy Reed

Editor, Guardian US

Jim Gabor in New Orleans

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Who are you?

What is your purpose?

We train men to become bold witnesses of Jesus Christ.

What is your method?

We train men to use time tested evangelistic tools including handing out tracts, one on one conversations, clowning, and open air conversations.

When did the camp start?

In 2013, NGL Ministries decided to divide into 5 separate but networked groups, or “camps”.”The Barnabas Camp’s” first year as an “independent” camp was  2014.

Who was the first camp director?

The Barnabas Camp’s first director was David Cain but NGL’s first Mardi Gras trip was led by Fred Bishop in 1974.

What do you believe?

Our beliefs are best stated by the Lausanne Covenant.  Click here to read the Lausanne Covenant.

What do you teach?

We teach fundamental Christian doctrine as out lined in our “Cross Training Document”.  Click here to read that document.

What's the 2025 menu?

Click here to see the 2025 menu.

Who is No Greater Love Ministries?

NGL Ministries is a non-denominational Christians men’s ministry devoted to evangelism training.

When did NGL start?

NGL’s first yearly Mardi Gras trip was led by Rev. Fred Bishop in 1974.

Who is Rev. Fred Bishop?

More information about Fred can be found in his book “The Road to Ground Zero”.  You can purchase that book by clicking this button.

What is NGL's purpose?

To put the Gospel into the hands of faithful men.  2 Timothy 2:2.

What is Fred Bishop's vision for the Mardi Gras Outreach?

To “Give every man an opportunity to have a life changing experience and catch a vision for the full potential of his life.”

What does NGL do?

The NGL Mardi Gras trip grew to become 5 different groups of men, who all practiced the same evangelisic tools, staying at different New Orleans locations.  In 2014, NGL divided into those 5 different groups.  Now NGL Network Ministries provides general oversight of those groups.

What's the Barnabas Camp leadership structure?

Click here to view our org chart.

Who are the 2025 camp leaders?

Camp Directors: Jim Bates/David Cain

Camp Administrator:  Han Soon

Camp Chaplain:  TBA

Street Coordinator:  TBA

Kitchen Coordinator:  Rene Rodriguez

When does registration start?

Registration is on Friday, February 28, 2025 from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Who may attend?

Any male age 17 or above.

What meals are provided?
Meals at Camp Meals on your own
Friday Breakfast Friday Lunch
Friday Dinner Sunday Lunch
Saturday Breakfast Monday Lunch
Saturday Lunch Tuesday Lunch
Saturday Dinner Tuesday Dinner
Sunday Breakfast
Sunday Dinner
Monday Breakfast
Monday Dinner
Tuesday Breakfast
How much does it cost?

$200 before 2/6/25

$250 after 2/6/25

What if I can't afford it?

Contact us at

What if I need a ride?

Contact us at